SOMETHING FOR ROMANIA (SFR) is a Christian Charity founded in 1990 by Lachie MacLeod MBE and registered in Scotland under a Trust Deed. Between 1991 and 2003 Lachie made twice yearly trips to Romania by articulated lorry with donated medical equipment and supplies for the impoverished population of Romania which was the original focus of work.

Much of the hundreds of tones of aid we have delivered has been medical equipment and supplies for hospitals which are chronically short of essentials. While we buy new equipment with the funds we raise, we also collect used items.
Hospital equipment, which is obsolete or not up to standard for use in the UK can make a big difference in Romania. We have delivered used mattresses, wheelchairs, monitors and even x-ray equipment donated from hospitals around the Country. Our efforts have been concentrated on a group of hospitals in Cluj Napoca, the capital city of Transylvania, and in Brasov, a city famous for its winter sports facilities.

Conditions in the countryside are also primitive, with animals still being used for cultivation. We have also delivered agricultural supplies such as seed potatoes, fertilizers, a Ferguson 35 tractor complete with a range of implements that would gladden the heart of many a Scottish farmer.  We even designed and delivered a  sectional building for use as a store by another Romania charity!
Something for Romania is helping under-equipped and under-staffed hospitals in Romania to provide better levels of care especially to people in terminal conditions, so they can live their last days with dignity and comfort.
Our projects help people of all ages and backgrounds, but especially the vulnerable older ones who may not have any family or other support around them.

We help Romanian charities to deliver better and more effective services, make a better use of their resources and to make a substantial difference in people's lives.
It all started during a presentation at the church, when the hardship and lack of support for people in their final hours was made evident. The relationship between the church and our charity has been strong from the start.

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Registered Scottish Charity:   SC020323
Established in 1992
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